There is definitely a nip in the air! It is important to be proactive with septic tank maintenance all year round.

Follow our tips below this autumn & winter to maintain a healthy septic tank system and catch any potential issues early, you can save €€’s as replacing a damaged septic tank can be very costly.

Have your Septic Tank Cleaned Out

  • We are guessing it’s been a while since you last had your septic tank emptied.
  • Christmas time is coming (we know not even Halloween yet) – extra guests over the holidays, more cooking, more wastewater – this may lead to your tank overflowing. Autumn is always a good time to have your tank emptied.
  • Call us to schedule your annual maintenance check and tank clean

Inspect your Septic Tank

  • Assess the condition of your tank and identify any potential signs of damage. Pay particular attention to the lid of the tank. If water can seep its way in, your septic tank and the system may freeze up.
  • Our septic tank service also includes a visual ten-point health check – so this will also ensure any problems are identified earlier before they turn into bigger issues. We can even arrange the repair/replacement of any parts that need to be fixed!

Lower Temperatures – Avoid Freezing

  • Regular usage – ensuring a flow of water through the system is less likely to freeze.

Keep an Eye for Any Signs of Trouble

  • Autumn/Winter Time – less likely to spend as much time out in your garden, but remember to keep an eye on your tank, and soak away – boggy patches near or above your system may indicate trouble.
  • If you do run into trouble our emergency line 0818 66 33 33 is always open with a guaranteed call out within 4 hours, no matter the weather!