Connaught Drains are specialists in Forecourt Services in the West of Ireland.  Our consistent investment in JetVac and dewatering technology along with our expertise means we deliver the most cost effective and environmently friendly solution to maintaining your forecourt, interceptors and car washes.

Using our new KSA dewatering system, we can offer savings of up to 80% on disposal costs. We separate the sludge and the oily water and recharging the cleaned water back into the interceptor. This rules out expense of having to recharge your interceptor using mains water.

Forecourt Services:

• Fuel interceptor cleaning
• Carwash bays and recycling chambers
• Fuel inlet chambers
• Emergency Spill Response

Connaught Drains offer forecourt maintenance plans and carry out annual or bi-annual inspections or complete cleaning of interceptors, drains, and gullies. We pride ourselves on a cost effective service. We also ensure your business remains fully compliant with health & safety and environmental regulations.

Dewatering Main Features:

  • The dewatering system reduces the amount of waste and thereby the costs of transport and treating various sludge products
  • The dewatering system removes water from the sludge at the reception site and returns the water to the same source. This process retains the natural Micro Organisms in the Treatment Plant; therefore the plant will operate with little disruption.
  • The amount of sludge to be transported and treated is reduced by more than 80 per cent. Furthermore, the consistency of the sludge is suitable for further treatment.
  • Can handle unscreened sludge
  • Polymer dosing on board
  • Suitable for dewatering treatment plants, septic tanks, grease traps & oil interceptors
  • Dry sludge (up to 25%) remains on the truck
  • Self loading machine with no need for pumps. Therefore set-up can be completed in 10 minutes The core of sludge dewatering is to separate solids and water.

Visit our Services section for more information on all our services, or Contact Us for more information on our Forecourt Services. In case of an Emergency, call us on 0818 66 33 33. We offer a year-round 24/7 Emergency Call-Out service.