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Cork Harbour Project

McBreen Environmetal have commenced UV Lining & Manhole Repair works at Cork Lower Harbour.  The work involves UV lining and manhole repair along the foreshore and associated protection of the public along the public walkways.

Pre-rehabilitation cleaning, SUS and CCTV surveys have been completed on the pipelines and manholes, and designs have been approved for rehabilitation works.

This cleaning consisted of all necessary works to prepare the pipeline for installation of the liners and lateral repairs including jetting, vacuuming, joint preparation and robotic cutting.

The process for repairing pipelines involves installing an internal liner into the pipe (to improve structural integrity of pipe and to reduce likelihood of infiltration from groundwater or leakage of untreated sewage). These liners are installed using a UV lining system which cures the newly installed liner using UV light. Due to the location and complex nature of the works a barge was required to access some of the manholes along the estuary and foreshore. These works show the complex detailed nature in which McBreen Environmental operate and always provide an end-to-end solution.

The process of repairing manholes will involve preparing each manhole for rehabilitation by sealing any leaks in the repair by grout filling using injection instruments. The manhole will then be repaired using Manhole Injection and Profiling Methodology.

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July 20th, 2017


Irish Water




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McBreen Cork Harbour Project
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